Summer Glou Glou from Australian's Most Exciting (?) Producer

Glou Glou to the max.

Glou Glou to the max.

Ochota Barrels
"Texture Like Sun" Red/White Blend
Pinot Noir, Grenache, Merlot, Gewurztraminer
Recommended but overpriced

First, in case you are curious what the hell Glou Glou is, check out Sprudge's explanation here.

Now, moving on. You may recall my revelatory review of Ochota Barrel's 2012 Syrah. I've been a big fan of their wines since and was thrilled to get another bottle in my Garagiste shipment last fall. Ochota Barrels inspires a dramatically wide range of impressions from the wine drinking world. Some herald Ochota's wines as the second coming, lauding them for blazing their own natural wine path in a heavily trodden and rather boring Australian wine scene (at least in terms of what is available to US consumers). Others see past the sexy branding and trendiness and proclaim that, across the board, the wines are overpriced and simplistic. I was firmly in the first camp until having this wine but after tasting this over 4-5 hours this evening, I think this quality can be found at wines half the $35 price tag. 

Don't get me wrong, this is a wonderful wine, one that I would happily drink gallons of on a warm summer evening... But it's not worth anywhere near $35. There is some mild complexity to it but it's mainly light, fruity, juicy, and chock full of acidity (leaning toward astringency), dominated by bright red fruits, some plumminess, and forest floor funk. Nearly electric on the palate. Grapes are destemmed but fermented whole berry and aged in stainless steel. It's relatable to Beaujolais, especially Beaujolais Nouveau, but I've had a lot of natural red wine blends from the Rhone Valley that are comparable at $15-20. Did I like it? Sure did. Would I buy it anywhere ever for $35? Nope.