2011 Trisaetum 'Trisae' Willamette Valley Pinot Noir


2011 Trisaetum 'Trisae' Pinot Noir
Willamette Valley, Oregon
Highly Recommended

Trisaetum flew out of the gate as the premier boutique Riesling producer in the Northwest when I was living in Oregon. I’ve been to the winery a number of times, around the corner from Brickhouse Vineyards in the Ribbon Ridge AVA of the Willamette Valley. It's a beautiful area, one of my favorite to visit in the valley.

I was more than surprised to find this for $15 at one of my go-to shops, Vin Chicago. It’s hard enough to find decent $15 pinot noir from anywhere, let alone the Willamette Valley. Deals can be had though and this is one of them, especially from a winery with such a solid reputation. This isn’t listed on their website and given the 'trisae' sub-label, my guess is that this is near the last of the bunch. Unless the winery does what many Oregon wineries did in 2007 by holding off in hopes of the wines maturing into something more complex, it's probably going to be difficult to find.

Darkly colored. Sweet cherry, a touch of funky earthiness, and a particularly straightforward fruitiness on the nose, especially for a wine that comes from one of the latest harvests in Willamette Valley history. This is an excellent value at $15 and undoubtedly one of the best pinot noirs I have found at that price. It’s complexity won’t blow you away but it’s nicely polished and velvety. "Sustainable, dry-farmed" vineyards according to their website but they are not certified.