MUST: /məst/

1. From Latin vinum mustum, “young wine”, is freshly pressed grape juice that contains the skins, seeds, and stems of the fruit.

2. Something that should not be overlooked or missed.





MUST wine blog focuses on intriguing, terroir-driven wines produced by independent and family-owned wineries using sustainable viticulture methods. I offer a fresh, frequently irreverent perspective on the wine world in the form of wine reviews, philosophical mutterings, and long-form interviews and articles.  





I work in the clean energy industry and I love wine. Since studying abroad in Spain and receiving a grant from my college to study "sustainability" in the Oregon wine industry, I've helped start a sustainable wine industry program, worked at wine shops, volunteered at wine festivals, and actually made the stuff. I'm currently working my way through the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Diploma and expect to be finished in 2017.

I like honest wines (beer and booze too) that come with a unique story and are produced by people who think critically about their craft and its relationship to the wider world. That being said, the contrarian in me relishes the discovery of a screaming deal on wine, regardless of its origin and production methods. 





I categorize each wine I review with one of five labels:

Highly Recommended

I don't subscribe to the philosophy behind numerical wine reviews (e.g. 100 pt. scale). They're easily manipulated, rarely provide context, and often come with layers of superfluous, bullshit-laden language. A lot has been said on this subject and I won't bore you with a detailed analysis - I tend to agree with this (and this).

My goal is to provide an educational angle and enough context to help you decide whether you would enjoy the wine and whether it’s worth ponying up the cash to purchase it yourself. I assess the wine's overall quality while including details about the wine's origin, cost, relevant food pairings, sustainability credentials, and anything else I find interesting and pertinent.





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